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Midnight sun – no time to sleep Research schedule is just right! Midnight sun – no time to sleep Research schedule is just right!

Trichology discussions – new spiral, updated knowledge, European approach Trichology discussions – new spiral, updated knowledge, European approach

Nevsky, carriages, legends, bridges Aurora, museums, Winter Palace, cats Nevsky, carriages, legends, bridges Aurora, museums, Winter Palace, cats

Chicken, kerbside, main entrance, buckwheat Gala dinner, affection, romantics, meets Chicken, kerbside, main entrance, buckwheat Gala dinner, affection, romantics, meets

Shawarma, pickle soup, smelt, buns, Relevant reports, trichoscopy, new book Shawarma, pickle soup, smelt, buns, Relevant reports, trichoscopy, new book

Traditionally –
This is RHRS,
and it means it`s going to be just like we do it in Petersburg Traditionally – This is RHRS, and it means it`s going to be just like we do it in Petersburg

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So, three days of total immersion in my most beloved and dear trichology have passed. Deepest thanks to Tatiana Valentinovna, Andrey Romanovich and all the lecturers who helped us become even better, dive even deeper into the depths of related specialties and push us towards new achievements and skills (that I will tell you about later). Thank you for supporting doctors, for sharing your experience and insights. RHRS is my great love, thanks to these people I want to advance further and improve everyday.

Lyubov Kolesnikova

3 days are too fast. 3 days are very busy. 3 days offline are a huge blessing after lockdown. Thanks to the whole RHRS team. And yes, “we did deserve it.” Right?)

Ksenya Yazvenko

Long-expected Congress of the Russian Hair Research Society 2020 New of the international trichology in the field of the hair and scalp treatment. And yes, now I`m the member of the first Russian Hair Research Society in our country. Thanks to Tatiana Silyuk for new opportunities and experience!

Nadezhda Fokina

As usual, the Congress was great!!! Tatiana Valentinovna, so delicate and fragile in appearance, has arranged and held the event at the highest level!!! Everyone understood that arranging an offline Congress today is a very difficult task. But everything went even better than usual. It was much easier to listen to and record reports of foreign speakers, with a convenient and readily available translation. New report topics, an interdisciplinary session, a detailed review of many secrets of the phototrichogram, a lot of clinical observations. Friendly atmosphere of fellowship, greetings of each participant – all of this remains the signature features of the RHRS congresses. Appreciated by all participants gala dinner, impossible to get without. 3 days of brainstorm, and we will sort out all gained knowledge at home. Thank you, dear Tatiana Valentinovna! Best of luck, prosperity and wellbeing. Till next meeting at new professional events

Valentina Gryadovaya

Congress of the Russian Hair Research Society, now in Moscow. I was happy to meet with friends, especially after cancellation of Sheffield. Scientific program was up to the mark, as usual! Thanks to organizers of the congress for the opportunity to participate in this event in person!

Natalya Melnikova

The congress on trichology has come to an end. This year it was an exclusive event and a powerful burst of new knowledge! I was extremely happy to meet my colleagues. Special thanks for everything to Tatiana Silyuk and her team!

Olga Krylova

Dear colleagues, I would like to say that the path we had to go through with Tatiana Melnichuk to get to the RHRS Congress 2020, was worth it. Not only we gained knowledge, but we also were lucky to test our prowess in the trichoscopic interactive game arranged by Tatiana Silyuk – and it was really cool! Next year, this congress will be held in Saint Petersburg! I really recommend to find time in your schedule! Because I, personally, at no other congress has ever seen the sheer amount of studies related to diseases of the scalp and hair shaft, and this gives us experience and the ability to analyze!

Yulia Sedletskaya

Wonderful reports by doctors from Russia, USA, Portugal, Spain, etc. Doctors arrived not only from various Russian cities, but also from other countries. As a young specialist, it was very interesting for me to learn about their strategies to manage patients, how they communicate with patients, and what questions they have in the course of treatment. Organization was at the highest level possible. Everything was thought out to the smallest detail. Execution, food, bags with masks, water, antiseptics for everybody. I even received a medical cap with insignia. I was lucky to meet wonderful Tatiana Silyuk and Yulia Gallyamova, who I only followed on Instagram before.

Natalya Charikova

I attended Congress of the Russian Hair Research Society for the first time. It was an event with an excellent presentation of material and a huge amount of useful information!

Yulia Aksenova

We has been waiting for this event for a whole year! Luckily, right before the quarantine, trichoscopy course was held, and during the lockdown period, Tatiana Valentinovna and the RHRS team conducted an excellent online course for trichologists on the hottest topics. Nevertheless, all trichologists were looking forward to the congress, as there are a lot of topics and no amount of discussions will ever be enough!

Oksana Selyutina

I couldn't attend Congress of the Russian Hair Research Society RHRS ' 20, but the kind host of the congress and my friend Tatiana Silyuk was able to organize an impeccable format which allowed me to share content with my colleagues-dermatologists in Moscow directly from my home! We keep to redefine ourselves in this year 2020.

Daniel Fernando Melo

These 3 days in Moscow were incredibly busy! My first Congress of the Russian Hair Research Society gave me an ocean of emotions, a lot of new acquaintances, knowledge, and made my love for trichology even more powerful! Thank you, Tatiana Valentinovna, for the highest level organization, the newest information from the world of trichology and, most importantly, for very clear and readily accessible presentation of the material!

Karina Mukhamedova

At last I was able to reign in my emotions, digest and sort out all the information and believe that everything in this life is real and dreams really come true! I`m talking about Congress of the Russian Hair Research Society in Saint Petersburg on June 20–22. It was incredible! An incredibly rich program with cool speakers, the highest level of reports, great organization as always, meetings with old and new colleagues who have already become friends, and of course, my dear magical Petersburg! I can't stop admiring and thanking the RHRS President, Tatiana Silyuk, who, together with her team, created this holiday of trichology for us!

Maria Babushkina

With gratitude to Tatiana Silyuk for the excellent organization of meeting of real professionals from various countries! Thanks to unbelievable personal contribution, dedication and many years of work of the RHRS President and her excellent team, trichology has become a popular specialty in our country and has even reached the world level! A new format of information presentation turned out to be very interesting and useful: interactive round table, workshop, live-trichoscopy! 3 days of science, new knowledge, answers to questions and even medical humor and dancing made this time unforgettable

Yelizaveta Nekrasova

The last 3rd day of the most warm-hearted congress. And I call it warm-hearted for a reason, because of the warmest and friendliest atmosphere at the Congress. In 3 years of my attendance of this wonderful trichological event, I learned a lot of new things and I apply acquired knowledge in my medical practice with confidence. It`s a little sad to part with friends and with Russian colleagues. I want to thank the host of the congress – wonderful person, great doctor, one of the coolest and well-known trichologists in the world, and just a beautiful lady with a big heart, Tatiana Valentinovna Silyuk, for the perfectly organized Congress, for an interesting report program, for an individual approach to each participant. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, for the opportunity to observe your appointment with the patient. I have learned a lot and I keep learning. I will eagerly look forward to the next congress in 2020.

Elnara Shukyurova

Russian Hair Research Society under the leadership of T. V. Silyuk is an organization with a striking combination of science, active development, attracting the best trichologists around the world and warmth. For several years now I have this “I am home” feeling when I come to the congress... It`s my deep-rooted belief, that this is largely due to Tatiana Valentinovna personally, thank you for this – the opportunity to grow professionally in a family of colleagues who will help and support. Today is the 3rd day of the Congress – the morning has started with master class of trichological appoitment by Tatiana Silyuk, then Professor Elena Araviyskaya, Konstantin Monakhov, Yevgeny Sokolovsky and a parallel session of the All-Ukrainian Association of Trichologists, and after lunch I`m looking forward to the session on cicatrix alopecia and eyebrow diseases... Hot, urgent issues.

Evgenia Ruzanova

Sincere admiration and huge gratitude to Tatiana Valentinovna Silyuk for the perfectly organized event!!! Each report is an invaluable addition to the knowledge of a trichologist. Without doubt, the course on trichoscopy has added the necessary understanding of this most important method of diagnostics. The variety of report topics gives opportunity to navigate many trichological diagnoses with much more confidence. The best professional event!

Valentina Gryadovaya

Whole year I have been waiting for this event, my expectations came true 100%. An up-to-date scientific program, excellent speakers, live trichoscopy, interesting clinical observations!!! Tatiana Valentinovna, thank you for the perfect organization, for the opportunity to become a part of such event, now I can safely say: “Tajikistan – alongside the global trichology”

Elena Agafonova

Three days of useful information, many reports, round tables, discussions, voting, prizes, Congress speakers – professionals from Italy, USA, Spain, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan! The colossal work of the Organizing Committee of the RHRS’19 Congress: President Tatiana Valentinovna Silyuk, Vice-President Andrey Aleksandrovich Panteleev, General Secretary Andrey Romanovich Doroshkevich!

Nadezhda Lubinskaya

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